by: Luis Lujan

Extra!! Extra!! The headlines are gone.

The headlines are missing!

Where could they have run?

Mister! Mister!  Oh, where could they be-

I'm sorry, forgive me...

You're late for a meeting, I see.

Well, shucks!  What is happening here?

A new way of life comes around every year.

They say innovation is driving, but that's what I fear.

I don't know where it's going, but it's going full speed.

And it's going so fast, there's no time left to read.

I remember when fast was a thoroughbred steed.


Honk! Honk!  "Get out of the way!"

There's no time to stop in the world of today.

I was only just trying to cross to Broadway.


Oh look! Look there!  George Cohan still stands!!

Above all those busy, cab-waving hands.

In ten steps I take, I've passed ten newsstands.


I finally grab one, the great New York Times!

Eager for knowledge, I search for headlines.


There's nothing!  Not one!  Not even an 'A'.

A million or more things must be happening today...

Why else would the paper be so thick with dismay?


And yet all I see is a picture, what bore!

Are we getting too lazy to write a thousand words anymore?

Let me paint you a picture of the days of yore--


The best and the worst in their trials would shout,

"We'll make the front page of the Times, no doubt!"

You'd just read the headlines, and know what the story's about.

Extra! Extra!  Beware of the times!


They'll just take your picture and forget all your rhymes.

Denounce all your virtues and remember your crimes.

And all for a nickel, a George, and two dimes.


© 2020


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